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About us

We are a small game studio located in Malta but the team is a global team. We have a different concept of how to run a game studio. We are all remote, no real hierarchy as everyone is together as one. The team is free to work whenever we like though we work during the night mostly while enjoying the day. Did you know we are all vegetarian and vegan? We didn’t plan this, it just happened and funnily, even our Boops are. They love their potatoes.

What exactly do we do? We make HTML5 games, draw comics that brings Boops to life and create merchandise. HTML5 games are coming out, Q1 next year starting with our first franchise, Planet Boop. We do everything in-house and the best of all is… we have fun doing what we love to do.

Watch out this space for more super awesome stuff from NightOwl Studios and also any open positions.

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Got an exciting project you would like to discuss or want to join the team? Want to expand the Planet Boop franchise? Reach out and lets talk, even if it's just for a beer 😉 or to say hi. We want to hear from you.